• Billet Trumpets Quality Precision One Piece Design


    Intake trumpets also called Velocity stacks, good way to help tune your engine, smoother air flow means more air flow and ability to burn fuel. More power for an engine.



    Velocity Stack / Ram Tube / Trumpet

    What ever name they are given they all perform the same very important task!!

    Made from billet Aluminum these are precisely and specifically formed in a  parabolic shape with a full radius edge. This is widely known as the best  entry shape for maximum flow with minimum turbulence. Very important part of any ITB system for it to operate at its maximum potential.

    Mid flange for easy fitment to airboxes and backing plates

    Clamp design base for quick easy installation and removal

    Available sizes |
    base ID, 42mm and 45mm,  x 86mm tall
    base ID, 51mm and 54mm, x 75mm tall

    Flange fixing 6mm hole
    42/45mm @ 65mm centers
    51/54mm @ 72mm centers

    Price each, select quantity at checkout

    All Plain Silver color

    Additional information

    Weight 0.25 kg
    Dimensions 8 x 4 x 8 cm

    45, 51, 54


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