• BMW M60/M62 Complete ITB kit, open trumpet


    Complete bolt on ITB throttle body intake kit that will fit ALL M60/62 BMW V8 engines with. Supplied with open trumpets, fuel rails, linkage system and all associated hardware




    BMW M60/M62 V8 Complete ITB kit, open trumpet

    This is a complete bolt on kit that will fit all versions of BMW m60 and m62 V8 engines

    Maintains all standard equipment such as throttle cable, TPS and IAC. Comes with new fuel rail along with all the mounts and fittings. Standard throttle cable is direct fit

    Installation will requires the use of an external regulator and some new fuel lines in the engine bay. In most cases the use of an aftermarket or stand alone engine management system will be required.

    Our testing has shown this kit to produce good power gains over the standard intake on a completely stock engine, with NO loss to mid range torque or power. With proper setup and tuning this drives just like an oem tuned vehicle with perfect light throttle drive-ability, starting and idle control.

    Note this kit does NOT include any airbox / scoop or backing plates

    Additional information

    Weight 7.6 kg
    Dimensions 54 x 32 x 16 cm

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