ITB install to standard 2.5L BMW 325i engine

This is here to show the power gains made by fitting a set of 40mm ITB intakes to a standard 2.5L 6 cyl engine with no other modifications, note the gains made to the mid and lower rpm range.

To drive this car the transformation was quite impressive.


Build sheet


Owner            Matt

Engine            M20 BMW 6cyl 2valve 2500cc

Intake            RHd 40mm ITB, 40-42 air box spacers and 42mm velocity stacks

Head              885 casting unmodified standard 42/36 valves

ECU               EMU stand alone ecu, Alpha-n load control

Exhaust       Generic aftermarket headers, single tail pipe

Fuel             premium Pump fuel

Power1          standard intake    112Kw (150Hp)

Power 2         RHD ITB intake    130Kw (175Hp)