BMW 3625cc stroker M30 rece engine

Build sheet


Owner                Chris

Engine                 3625cc M30 Bmw inline 6cyl 2 valve

bore/stroke        93.5/88

comp.                 12.8:1

Head                  RHD developed, extensive port modifications, custom SS valves 48/37

Cam                   Custom profile 310 duration, 12.4mm lift

Exhaust             Generic aftermarket headers

Intake                S38/ M5 46mm ITB, custom fitted with adaptor plates, Custom RHD velocity stacks

Pistons              Ex-touring car Hi comp forged Mahle

Rods                  144mm PPM H-beam

Fuel                   E85

ECU                   EMU

Ignition             Bosch igniters, multi-coil, wast spark

power               TBA

This is a build currently underway of a BMW M30 Race engine


2013-08-20_14-11-37_474 2013-08-20_18-30-37_71 DSC_0691 IMG_0069 IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0092