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Our range of individual throttle bodies, race components and performance products are all designed, tested and assembled in house right from the first prototypes to finished products. Development and refinement is continually performed to ensure our products are always at the front of the pack.
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m20 roller cam kit2

M20 BMW Roller CAM Conversion

This complete conversion kit replaces the conventional sliding cam follower and cast iron camshaft with a full roller cam follower and high tensile case hardened steel camshaft. Tested and developed under the harshest high RPM racing conditions this kit overcomes all the problems normally associated with the conventional cam design when its exposed to continuous high rpm. Cutting edge inverse lobe designed and produced in Sweden enables aggressive profiles with high lift  while maintaining moderate duration giving exceptional top end power combined with strong mid range torque. Race proven to be extremely reliable and durable for every engine from daily street driven to 8000+ rpm full race application.

Race Head Development

We offer porting and head flow development. Flow testing up to 480cfm @ 28″ Centronic electronic centering multi angle valve and seat cutting. Engine blue print and assembly. Aluminium and stainless welding and fabrication.